Alexander Banfield-Mumb

Alexander Banfield-Mumb

Alexander Banfield-Mumb studied Computer and Media Sciences at the Vienna University of Technology where he awarded his DI (MSc). Currently he is working as a research fellow at the ICT&S Center of the University of Salzburg.

His current research focus is: The use of new ICTs (information and communication technologies) for political and social action. In particular, he investigates the role of the Internet for the Austrian student protests in 2009 and to explore and analyse the implications of the use of social networking services (such as Facebook, Twitter, chats, Youtube) for mobilization, coordination, maintenance, liveability and sustainability of a student protest culture and to new forms of participation in democratic societies.


UTI Research Group
Steinbrechergasse 15
A-1220 Vienna, Austria

Research Foci:

:: Internet and politics
:: Offline and online political activism
:: Political participation
:: Social web and political movements

Other Research Interests:
Internet and society, ICTs, cyberprotest, infowar, information society, social web, social web tools, sociology of technology

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