Rainer E. Zimmermann

Rainer E. Zimmermann

Direct contact:

Prof. Dr. Dr. (habil.) Rainer E. Zimmermann, Lehrgebiet Philosophie, FK 13, HM, Lothstr.34, 80335 Muenchen, Fax: 089-1265-1475, e-mail: rainer.zimmermann@hm.edu



Scientific career:

1971-1975 Studies in Physics and Mathematics (University of Technology and Free University Berlin, as DAAD[1] scholar at Imperial College London), 1974 Diploma of Imperial College (Mathematical Physics), 1975 (Main) Diploma in Theoretical Physics (FU Berlin), 1977 PhD in Mathematics (FU Berlin), 1982-1988 Studies in Philosophy, History, and Literature (TU Berlin), 1988 PhD in Philosophy (TU Berlin), since 1995 Professor of Philosophy at the Polytechnic University of Muenchen, 1998 Habilitation in Natural Philosophy (University of Kassel) – since then until 2009 member (Privatdozent) of the department there, 1999/2000 Visiting Scholar at the History and Philosophy of Science Department and Visiting Fellow of Clare Hall, both at Cambridge (UK) – since then Life Member of Clare Hall, 2001 Research Visitor to the University of Bologna, 2003 Senior Visiting Fellow to the Institute of Advanced Studies, Villa Gandolfi Pallavicini, University of Bologna, 2006 International Visiting Professor at the ict&s, University of Salzburg, 2010/11 Visiting Professor at the Centre for Metropolitan Studies, TU Berlin.


Main Research Fields:

Metaphysics and Philosophy of Nature including Philosophy of Science (particularly of quantum gravity theories) and Ethical Implications, relationship between ontological and epistemological consequences of the cognitively perceiving and the linguistic modeling as well as designing of the world, especially in terms of spaces, networks, and (evolutionary) systems.


Memberships and Functions:

Editor of the half-yearly journal “System & Struktur”, 1992-1999, Team leader of the project group „The Problem of Nature after German Idealism“ with the Interdisciplinary Study Group on Foundational Problems of Philosophy at the University of Kassel until its termination, 2000-2005 also INTAS cooperative member (Kassel group team leader) together with groups of the University of Technology Vienna, the University of Kiev, and the Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, on the topic „Human Strategies in Complexity“, from 2002 on Corresponding Member of the Académie Européenne des Sciences, des Arts et des Lettres, Paris, from 2005 on bilateral cooperation with the ict&s, University of Salzburg, from 2008 on chairman of the executive board and scientific director of the institute of Design Science, Munich, also member of various philosophical societies, several times member of the executive board of the Ernst Bloch society. Scientific Committee member of the BITrum group, Science Advisory Board member of the Science of Information Institute (Washington, D.C.), Gesellschaftsmitglied “Bildung & Wissen” (Frankfurt a.M.).




[1] German Academic Exchange Service


About 350 publications, among them some twenty books and/or monographies, more recently: Die Rekonstruktion von Raum, Zeit und Materie [On Schelling], Frankfurt a.M., 1998; The Klymene Principle, Kassel, 1999; Das Draengen des Blickes [Lectures on Aesthetics], Muenchen, 2000; Subjekt und Existenz, Berlin, 2001 [On Bloch]; The Physics of Logic, Kassel, 2002; Kritik der interkulturellen Vernunft, Paderborn, 2002; [with E.R.Sandvoss] Philosophische Aspekte der Raumfahrt, Paderborn, 2004; System des transzendentalen Materialismus, Paderborn, 2004; [with H.-S. Park] Die gestoerte Morgenstille, Paderborn, 2005; Die ausserordentlichen Reisen des Jules Verne, Paderborn, 2006; Was heisst und zu welchem Ende studiert man Design Science? Muenchen, 2007; [with W. Loh, R. A. Mall] Interkulturelle Logik, Paderborn, 2009; [mit C. Fuchs] Practical Civil Virtues in Cyberspace, Aachen, 2009; [with P. Kasapidou] Vom Rebetiko zum Entechno Laiko, Aachen, 2010; New Ethics Proved in Geometrical Order, Litchfield (Az.), 2010; [with S.M.Wiedemann] Topos der Materie – Neue Anleitung zum Glasperlenspiel, in press (2011).